Took NCLEX and passed, no license #

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I took my nclex May 1st, did quick results May 3rd and I passed. It is now June 7th and I still have no license number! I looked on my licensee gateway and it says my results were received May 2nd! I called Mississippi BON 2 weeks ago and asked to speak to someone and they said to keep checking it may be up next Wednesday. Next Wednesday has came and went! I have 2 job offers and they are waiting on my license # to be posted. MS board of nursing is sooo slow. Has anyone else in Mississippi had this happened to them?! What should I do?

Is there any reason you can think of why there might be a delay? Have your classmates been licensed?

Hopefully it's coming soon.

No ma'am. As soon as I called, the secretary answered and I told her my situation and she said just keep checking. She didn't let me talk to anyone. And I graduated in July last year so my classmates have been took their's and passed last year. This was my second try and I passed but I don't know what's the hold up. It's so frustrating and I'm so impatient!

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