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I took the NCLEX today and finished at 75 questions within 1.5 hours. That could mean I totally rocked it or bombed it horribly lol. There were a lot of SATA, triage/priority/delegation, infection control, pharm questions. I had 0 math questions.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me this week. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that I have all of you here who are just so supportive and encouraging. Having that made me feel so much better going into the exam!!

On Friday, I'll let you all know what my results are. Until then, I am off to see the Harry Potter film and I'll probably finish reading the entire Twilight series in anticipation of my results lol.

Good luck to you! I have to take my exam for the second time in August.the first time all i got was 76 questions! .. i bombed it! .. how many questions did u get the first time? and what do you think helped u the most this time? I think that kaplan is helping me the most this time.. but i cant be certain until i take the exam.... what did you do differently this time? Im doing Kaplan, the first time all i used was saunders..therefore , i hope kaplan helps. It looks like a good sign that you finished on 75 sure you passed... u should try the trick...its not a trick... it really is the truth... it worked for me and everyone here that took it ;) good luck once sure you passed!


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I'm glad you had a good experience. I took mine today as well and got 85 questions. I tried the pearson trick and it won't let me pay so I'm hoping all holds true. Congrats again and your welcome for the prayers.


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Hey Guys--

I know how it feels to have heard you failed. I am severely crushed. I took my nclex-pn yesterday for the first time and failed with 205 Questions. I studied my butt off about 5 hrs a day reading the entire Saunders book and reviewing notes. I too, also had many SATA question, priority questions, 1 math and a few drugs I had never heard of. Do you think Kaplan is similar to the NCLEX questions? I have already spent so much money on books and I would really like to get a book that is going to help me pass this time around. I have to wait 45 days until I take my test again so that means I probably wont be taking it until the beginning of september. Good Luck to you all and keep me posted:)

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