Took the NCLEX and felt nauseous after the test....256 Question Ahh....

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I felt so sick after I exited the building. I had tons of Pharm questions... I think I might have failed...yikes!

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Hopefully you passed!'s a good thing you didn't puke all over the keyboard.:barf01::barf01::barf01::barf01:

Good Luck!


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I took mine yesterday and it was ABSOLUTELY horrible! My computer shut off at 222 questions. I honestly felt like I didn't even do to nursing school, it was SO hard! I had a TON of medication questions (some i had NEVER heard of) and a bunch of infection control and SATA(select all that apply)... ug! I honestly dont think i passed and sucks that i'll have to wait 90 days to re-take it! Ug:down:

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just a hint of hope....i got 265 questions and passed.....


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Thanks!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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Good luck! I tood all the questions on the jun 27th too and I passed. I had NO drag and drops but tons of SATA, priotiziation, weird drugs. So, i know you how felt. I didn't sleep, i was nauseous, crying..horrible mess..just have faith


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I just recieved word that i PASSED!!! YAYA!!! I had 222 Questions so there is def hope!!! I was a complete mess!!!

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