Took My NCLEX on 06/16/2012

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Hello All,

I have been reading, and have been inspired by so many stories on this site, that I decided to briefly share my own...

I took my NCLEX-RN on 06/16/2012, following my graduation in the begining of May and rescheduling the test twice...

I will spare you the horror stories about how scared I was, as I have seen it so many times on here, and basically I was just as frightened and nervous as everyone else!!!

My test stopped at 75 questions, and of course I felt like I did not get a single question correct! I sat there for almost 15min after taking the test, as I was just two afraid to move. Following that, I went to my local Starbucks, and I did the "PVT" trick (on a Saturday), and yes it worked! I paid for my unofficial results on Tuesday to confirm, and now I am simply waiting patiently for my licensing information to show up on my BON's website! Per most of my classmates, it takes about a week or two here in NC...

I wish everyone the best of luck, as if you have come this far (i.e. graduated nursing school), this is last step is definitely attainable!

Best wishes all!!

New Grad R.N.

That's great! Congratulations! :yelclap: I am testing in 2-3wks myself. May I ask how YOU prepared and how you felt the test was in comparison to what you studied? I cannot wait for that amazing feeling of taking it, passing, and knowing it's finally over and the hardwork has paid off! So happy for you!!! :)

I prepared using the NCLEX review book purchased through a mandatory review class that my school made us take a week after graduation, Kaplan (QBank and book), NCBSN (questions and about half the content), LaCharity and Saunders RN - Questions and Content in the areas that I didn't feel very comfortable..

I studied about 2 to 3 hours a day/4 days a week for a total of 4 weeks with the exception of the week before I tested. That week, I went into overdrive, and did about 6 hours each day, and non stop questions... I am worrier, so doing questions was the only way I could put my brain at ease..

I felt like Kaplan Qbank was the best resource for questions, and presented a real likeness to the actual exam.. In addition, Saunders Comprehensive Review was helpful for content review...

I cannot say that the content I studied was on the exam, I felt blindsided by that.. As, I had 75 questions, 10 SATA, a ton of Priority, and a few meds and diseases that I never heard of.. However I still my think that the tools I used prepare me, because in hindsight, it was all about being able to think critically, and that is what the questions prepared me for...

Thank you, and I wish the best of luck!!!


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