Took a job in LTC/SNF and now getting call back from hospital, Help?


Hi, I'm a new grad and I recently started working in a LTC/SNF. I love the staff and the facility, but now I'm getting call backs from hospitals for interviews (from resumes I put in weeks ago. Am I stupid for turning the hospital jobs down since I already have a job? I just don't feel right giving up on the SNF even if the work is demanding. It's against my ethics to give up on a commitment. It would eat at me thanks to an overactive conscience...

Some nurses tell me SNF is not good to do as a new grad and others say they loved it and learned a lot from it even if they didn't stay in it. But I don't think I'll stay in LTC/SNF forever, so I'm afraid I'm messing up my career by turning down the hospital jobs.

There is also the option of one job at a hospital being part time. As a new grad would one FT job LTC/SNF and one PT hospital job at another facility be too much?

I also have a family to support... so... yeah.

The conflict I feel is making me sick. :confused: Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


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Gosh, that sounds stressful. Where would you like to be in the long term? I've worked in places where a new RN was hired and quit after 6 months of working. It's just the cold-hearted business aspect of getting a job. I wouldn't want to quit a job after making a commitment, but at the same time, you need to think about what is more in line with your career goals. I'm sure they'd have no problem finding someone else to replace you. I think it would be too much for you to take two jobs. One job is tiring enough, plus it's too much time away from your family. At least you're getting call-backs! It's better than not being able to get a job.

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If you want to work in a hospital, pursue the job in the hospital and make sure you stay committed to the hospital job for at least one full year. You need to pursue the job that is best for you and your future, and you don't owe your current job anything. You could always offer to stay on in the LTC facility per diem and do a couple days a month. Either way you wouldn't be the first to leave the facility after a short time, nor would you be the last.

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If you really enjoy your job and feel it's a good place to work, I would stay with it.

Having a job you really enjoy is a rarity in nursing.

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At least go to the interviews, and if it's a great hospital job, take it. You can always go down to per diem with the SNF.

Interview.... You never know... Remember that its a business. Dont sell yourself short.

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Interview.... You never know... Remember that its a business. Dont sell yourself short.


Go for the job, and do per diem at the LTC of the interviews and facilities seem like a fit for you-it won't hurt.

Best wishes!