Took my Boards with 185 Questions


Took my boards yesterday and it shut off at 185 questions. I know that you can pass or fail with 75-265 questions. Just was curious as to if anyone else knows anyone who has had this number of questions and how they made out. I have never heard of anyone else with this number of questions, and of course I am anxious!!!! :)

scaredsilly, BSN, RN

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Heath, you already know the answer! yes people have passed at 185-people have failed at 185. Your anxiety is something that everyone of us have gone through and it is normal, and I feel for you...but there is really no way to guess if you passed it. Strongly recommend you spend the rest of the weekend doing something you enjoy-something you haven't been able to do while stuck in study-hell!

if you state participates in quick results, you should know on Monday. if not, kee checking the state's BON online several times a day beginning Monday because some post really quickly.

Best of luck, and let us know how you do!