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Tomorrow is the BIG day!


How do I mentally get ready for nclex?

  1. 1. How do I mentally get ready for nclex?

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      What can I do to calm myself down?
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      Any tips is appreciated

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Well, tomorrow I take my nclex-pn. Last night I could not sleep. I don't think I've ever been sooooo nervous in my life. Pray for me please. And good luck to anyone who is schedule to take soon.

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Good luck to you tomorrow! I take mine NCLEX-RN on the 20th...

If it helps any, I am going in with the attitude that I am looking forward to it... all that hard work is going to pay off. I take the Pearson-Vue's Computer Adaptive Tests for my paramedic renewal (NREMT) every two years, and it helps to go into the test with a confident mindset, not jittery nerves. Savor each question like a sip of your favorite *adult beverage* :saint:; give each question enough thought to make sure you don't miss any key words (such as "priority", "the nurse should first", "never", etc.) but don't hang around the question long enough to leave the bitter aftertaste of second guessing :eek:. When in doubt, common sense should prevail.

My prayers are with you Ivyblue!

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Thank you so much. Good look and I will pray for you also. It really helps hearing words of encouragements.

Hi how can I take a Pearson vue CAT? I saw a lot of u talking about it. I should take my nclex rn next Thursday thx

hnurse29, I believe that's the style of the test we're taking. Computer Adaptive Test, it successively selects questions so as to maximize the precision of the exam based on what is known about the examinee from previous questions. Don't really know how to explain. Hope that help and good luck to you.

Good luck to all of you taking the NCLEX! I would love to hear you all passed and maybe some tips or strategies to pass. Could someone tell me how can I get the Pearson CAT?? How much?? Thanks!