Today is my 1st yr anniv. as an RN ! ! !

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Hey everyone!!!

Just wanted 2 let U know that this was the day that I found out that I was finally an RN. WOW!!! can't believe that I have one year experience. I have learned soooo much and am still learning.

I work on a very busy M/S floor on the 7p-7a shift. I have a wonderful team that supports one another at all times. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I woke up that morning and quickly but cautiously got on the internet 2 C if I passed. As I typed in my name..... I slowly opened my eyes and saw my RN # and started screaming "thank U JESUS, thank U JESUS!!!" while runnning and jumping and pumping my fists in the air. Man... what a feeling!!!

I know that there are many stressed out RNs and LPNs out there who hate and bash our field. However.... I just wanted 2 say that I truly LOVE nursing. I have found my niche. I know.... I know... that it can B stressful and difficult but I just love it when my patients say "thank U for helping me" or "thank U 4 caring 4 my son.... daughter...etc. Those types of moments reinforce that this is the field I was chosen to do.

Anyways... I just wanted 2 say "hello" to everyone and 2 let U know that I will B praying 4 R profession. May God bless it and may God bless U and your families.

Much love,



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It is so good to hear from people that truly enjoy their job. I cannot wait to become an RN! :)

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Congratulations! Glad to hear it is working out for you!


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What was your first year like? I can tell that you are very happy at the present time. But did you have doubts about why you chose nursing? I have been an RN for all of three weeks now, and so far everything is going well. But everyone tells me that the first year is the toughest. I am still scared of making a mistake. I don't doubt my decision to become a nurse for one second. I am getting a four month orientation and I can't see how I can possibly be ready to be on my own in just 4months! I would just like to know from someone who has finished their first year what the first year was like. Do you have any suggestions? Anything that you would like to share would be helpful. Oh and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS ON CELEBRATING YOUR FIRST YEAR AS AN RN!


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congratulations on your first year anniversary!

what a refreshing post. continue to enjoy your profession.

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