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today is the BIG day


I pray to God the most merciful and the most gracious...

To God I totally submit and surrender myself for he is the God of all the prophets (peace be upon them), the God of our ancestors (peace be upon them)... Our creator

The only God who is worthy of praise and worship

I'll never have any another Gods before him...

Lord, thank you for the gift of life and love...

thank you for your wonderful creations... for our family... for everything that surrounds us.

Thank you for this opportunity of taking the nclex exam, I entrust to you this day, and also the result of the exam because I believe in you and my faith for you is strong...

Your power is everywhere... your mercy is everywhere... your sight, your hearing, your presence is everywhere...I know that you are right there beside us during the exam.

I offer you my sacrifices and preparation

Shower us your blessings Lord and help us all to pass the exam.

We've been together through a lot of challenges and I made it because your there, because of your guidance... And again, as I face another challenge in life, Let's do it again Lord.

Thank you very much for this day

Thank you for your love



Allah... Al-Khaliq (الخالق) The Creator help us...

Allah... Al-Khaliq (الخالق) The Creator help us...

InshaAllah u will pass!

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