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  1. yowana

    Advice For The New Nurse Entering Med-Surg

    hi everyone, your post are so helpful and inspiring! i'm a new RN here in the US but i graduated from another country, i'm very stressed and cant sleep at night. im very nervous about my new job as a Med-Surg nurse(im starting anytime now).. i have 0 experience even in the country i graduated from & its been a year since my last exposure to the hospital...can any1 give me suggestions on what book should i use as a reference,? i bought this nursing skills book as a reference for the common nursing procedures used in the hosp.. and an assessment book w/c is very helpful.. i still have no reference for the diseases usually encountered in the med-surg ward..and what diseases are usually encountered in med-surg,so i can look up to it..your suggestions and advices is badly needed.. i dont know where to start in preparing for my first job..:chair:
  2. CONGRATULATIONS kababayan!!:balloons:
  3. hi kababayan! m sorry to tell you that your name will not appear on the CA BRN website 'coz you don't have SSN like you said. You'll have to wait for the snail mail! GoodLuck!!
  4. yowana

    Can You Fail With 75 Questions?

    one can never tell..some passed at 75 and some failed but according to the thread i've read here,there's a bigger chance in passing @ 75. i too felt the same way a month ago wen i took my exam, it turned blue at 75. I thought i flunked my exam but after 14 days of waiting i received my letter from BON that i passed!! GoodLuck to you!
  5. yowana

    Nclex Rn Exam Next Week

    take it easy. GoodLuck!!
  6. took mine sept.22.. same scores as urs... i passed at 75!! goodluck!
  7. yowana

    NCLEX 9/26 Nervous

    goodluck!! take it easy.. pray. it helps.
  8. yowana

    questions please respond :0)

    1. How many hours a day did you study? How many months? =12hrs a day for 3 1/2 weeks ( i started reviewing religiously the minute i got my ATT) 2. Did you use kaplan? =i used kaplan 3. if you used kaplan, what were your scores on your Qbank? on the question trainers? =my score ranges from 50-60%.. i even got 43% from one of the Qtrainers 4. Do you recomend watching the videos on content of kaplan? =i didnot watched the videos..but if i had the time i would have watched it 5. Did you use the ncsbn "learning extension" site? did you find it helpful? was it similar to the actual exam? =i didnot use it 6. Did you use Lippincott? Mosby's? Saunders? HESI? Davis? =i used Saunder's Q & A..but i focused on the q-banks 7. What do you believe was the most helpful in passing your NCLEX-RN?? =The Qbank i guess, i practiced a lot of questions & i found this notes online w/c helped a lot & fryes 3000+ bullets w/c i carry always, while on the bus or waiting in line..or anytime i can glance at it..
  9. yowana

    Kaplan question Trainer 7...Need help!!!!

    i agree your scores are good! i think you're prepared for your exams. my scores ranges from 50-60% but i passed.
  10. yowana

    kaplan question trainer

    i also got 50 in my Qtrainer7..and thought of postponing my exam sched. for a week.. but instead i took it as scheduled (w/c is 2nights after i took Qtrainer7) and guess what i PASSED!
  11. yowana

    NCLEX-RN on 9/20/07

  12. yowana

    Took NCLEX today- 75 q's, i am so scared!

    i felt the same way after i took the nclex, i think was guessing half of the time.. lol..but guess wat?! i passed @ 75! u'll do just fyn! Goodluck!
  13. yowana

    Waiting CA NCLEX RN results from 8/22

    thanx chefynrse,silverdragon & pinaigie.
  14. yowana

    Waiting CA NCLEX RN results from 8/22

    thnx knightnurse!!!
  15. yowana

    How many got only 75 questions?

    i passed @75 1st try. i did a lot of kaplan q's and PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! i had 1 calc,tons of meds, and 3 select all (as i can remember)!! yay!!! can't believe i passed!!!!!:balloons::balloons::lol2:
  16. yowana

    Waiting CA NCLEX RN results from 8/22

    hi guys!! i took mine last aug.22.. after exactly 15 days of waiting i received a mail frm BRN that i PASSED @ 75!!!! thank GOD!! yahoo...!!!! To future NCLEX takers, i suggest kaplan! practice a lot q's.. and PRAYERS!PRAYERS!PRAYERS!!