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I have had a great day so far today. Today is my 22nd B-day. I went to school to because it was the welcoming ceremony for the sophomores and although it was optional and not required of us I decided to take a couple hours out of my day to help welcome the sophomores. After I left the ceremony my cousin has a friend that is in the process of opening up her own spa and as a b-day gift my cousin took me to her friend's house and she gave me a massage, facial, did my hair/makeup, and gave manicure/pedicure. Then I went shopping and got Then I went I feel like a brand new refreshed woman just in time for the start of classes. I am still debating about getting a haircut. Now, I am just waiting on my dad to get home from work so my daughter, my parents and I can go out to dinner. Tomorrow is the first official day of classes for me.

Oh by the way thanks to all those who gave suggestions about the water/caffeine. I am proud to say I have only had 2 cokes for the past 4 days total NORMALLY I have like 4 a DAY. One was saturday and the other was today (hey it's my birthday) I have been drinking lots of water and making many, many trips to the bathroom but I heard that will get better in a couple of weeks. I can easily drink water. I brought a 32oz sports bottle saturday and I find myself going easily through 3 or 4 of them. I have been pretty grouchy from the diminish caffeine intake, I found myself being a Evil Witch because I have been jittery/anxious at times but that will get better along with the mild headaches I have been having. They have not been too bad they actually been pretty tolerable for the most part. Also day 7 of my diet has been going pretty well. I am on weight watchers and loving every minute so far because I am not depriving myself as long as I stick to the points and that is good because the longest I ever sticked to a diet was 3 days but I feel good now because I have good reasons to diet now that I never really had or never really realized in the past. Well, got to get going now still waiting on my dad.


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Glad that you had such a great day. We all need to pamper ourselves more often. Thank you for the uplifting post.:D


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Happy Birthday. It sounds like it is a great one, hope this year is too.

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I bet it was a neat feeling going to the welcoming of the sophomores since you aren't the new gal on campus but rather you're advanced and you can actually mentor these new ones.

You know I was thinking how cool it is that you're now 22. Isn't it comforting that your age, 22 is contained in our year, 2002? I have a feeling this is gonna be a really great year for you.

Well, tomorrow is the first day of skills lab this quarter. Oral meds..scary! just kidding :) Have a great week!



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hi Tonya,

good work, girl!! keep it up! and............


Take care, Renee

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