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So I have an unencumbered single state license in CO and another single state license on probation in AZ. I have been unable to find employment and I suspect the consent agreement paperwork (Which looks horrible) is what is stopping me from getting a job. If I were to surrender the license under probation how would that affect the background check?  Im frustrated and just want to continue doing what I love.  Any insight would be appreciated. 


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I think that with how comprehensive Nursys has become, I'm not sure much would change, but I don't know the specifics regarding your situation & I'm not a subject matter expert.  I do know some people who have had license action & been monitored by the board who later, after they completed the terms of their consent, their license later reflected as "unencumbered" rather than having a permanent mark on them, but these people, as far as I can remember, were universally monitored for drug use issues. 


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In my lay opinion, surrendering your encumbered nursing license is not going to make the problem go away.  If you do this, it's quite possible that this will create problems later, either with renewing your CO license or attempting to endorse to another state.  And, as @Brandon1981 mentioned a Nursys report will likely show that your AZ license was encumbered while active, as well as potentially listing it as having been surrendered.

If it were me, I would not take any action regarding the AZ license without first discussing it with an attorney experienced in representing nurses with similar problems before the Board of Nursing.

If you are unable to locate an attorney locally you might consider the American Association of Nurse Attorneys.

Best wishes.

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