To those who recently took the nclex exam... drug questions!


Hello guys! Which drug question are mostly asked in nclex exam? You dont have to say the specific drug. Is it more on Cardio, respiratory, GI, renal, endocrine, psychiatric drugs etc? Thank you. Happy reviewing!


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Ummm... from my experience, it will ask any and all drugs, except for brand new ones.

I took the NCLEX yesterday. I was asked several pharmacology questions, including what type of action should the nurse take regarding educating a patient about a specific drug, such as a diabetic medication. Another question asked to question which medication order with what the kind of disease it's next to.

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I took my test on 9/30/16, had 75 questions, and got all different types of pharm questions; if you go on the NCSBN website and look for the 2016 NCLEX outline, you'll see a very specific breakdown of the percentage of each topic of question to be asked.

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I took mine on 8/11, passed in 75 questions. From what I recall, I only had about 2 questions truly related to pharmacology knowledge (maybe 2 more, but neither had anything to do with the drug presented in the question). It's funny because I knew I needed to really focus on pharmacology but it seemed that, because I over-prepared for it, I had very little of it (the usual theme of nursing - the better you prepare, the less likely the thing you prepared for will happen). :roflmao: