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To prenursing students

I just want to say to prenursing students, in particular those who have had an academic struggle is to keep going and trying. I failed on many things however I keep on trying, no matter if this is your first college experience, another degree, etc. I myself is working on prenursing after going through a series of events in college. I see prenursing as a new experience and it feels like I'm starting over.

Im happy to learn all the things the prenursing courses requires even though I would have like to start nursing.

patience is the key������

AbstracRN, BSN

Specializes in New nurse, nursing assistant 5 years. Has 1 years experience.

Girrrrrrl :drowning:, yes I have had so many hardships and personal life crisis's.Having said that, I haven't let that stop me and please don't let it stop you. Persevere and it will get better, people forget all the hard work that has to be done just to get into a program. Besides all this stress will get you ready for the stress of actual nursing school.

Like one of my brothers would say: as long as you are alive, you can keep trying.


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