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The state college I've chosen to drive to (45 mins away, no less) has a competitive selection process, and it states on the packet that they give preference to in-county residents of the four counties they serve. I am not in one of those four counties, but I chose the school because it is far superior to what I can find in my own county...

I am already in for pre-reqs this fall, but here is my question - have any of you ever made it into a school that gives such preference? Note: it is not assessed as a "point" towards the points you need for selection - it is simply listed as its own line in the information packet. I'm wondering now if it's even worth it.... :\

Still Apply But Don't Let That Be The Only School You Are Applying To....

I would apply but make sure to apply to other schools especially since the school gives preference.

Well, be better than the local kids with your grades/experience/essay etc. Schools generally give preference to high GPAs but I know many people with "pretty good" grades that beat out higher GPAs. (myself included)Apply broadly. Make yourself competitive.

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I did all my prereqs for the ADN program and applied to a out of county college that said the same thing they give preference to the in county students first, well I qualified for a spot but didn't get in. I felt like if I lived in one of the counties I would have gotten in. (I was even willing to drive a hour to get there) I also applied to the school that I did my prereqs at and got in there, that school was my choice number two. The only reason I wanted to go to this out of county school was beacuse of the hospitals that you do your clinicals at. I've always wanted to work there. Anyway apply to as many schools as you can, and if you don't get in to your first choice, then just be happy you got in some where because nursing programs are so competitive. Good luck!

i agree with the others. i applied to only one school, and got accepted to that school. however, acceptance was totally based on hesi entrance and grades. there was nothing about preference based on residence. if i were you i would definitely apply as if you are a strong candidate they may take that into consideration. i would look into other schools too. remember nursing school is as much what you put into it not just what school you go to. good luck! : )

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