To all the nurses who work Psych: God Bless You!!

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I just wanted to take a moment and tell all the nurses who work Psych how special I think you are. (I know that all nurses "work" pscyh at one time or another, but I am talking about the regular psych nurses). I work on a med-surg unit and don't usually run into too many truly mentally disturbed patients. Sure, I run into those patients who have some strange quirks and stuff, but not truly what I would call "psych" patients. This last weekend was different though. I had a young patient who started out having a panic attack (or so I thought) and ended up being delusional and having hallucinations! It went on for an hour! The patient was seeing angels in the room and dead relatives. After A LOT of special attention and emotional support and some medication, I finally got the patient to relax and sleep. But, boy was I tuckered out! I felt like I had been 15 rounds with Mohammed Ali! I could never ever work a real psych unit!! It really takes a special nurse to work psych!! My hat is off to you!!


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Amen to that Pooh. Unlike yo i have had more than my share of psycho's outside the psych unit, which i can't figure since our hospital has 3 psych units. Can't stand them, feel somwhat sorry for them if not because of hardcore drug use. i really hate psych patients, had one scratch me to other day, boy was i pissed. wasn't even my patient, couldn't seate her cuz her sgot was like 5000! She should have been on the psych floor but our psych doctors are pretty much useless and don't admit people on weekends!

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while passing my meds the other morning, had a resident come up to me and say, "you're a f***ing wh*re!" i replied, "well, good morning to you mr. -------." i wanted to say, "and you're a f***ing fruitcake!" scared the h*ll out of me!!!, but i kept my cool. then he says, "yeah, i don't forget!" maybe i reminded him of an old flame or something. :eek anyway, i replied, "have a nice day!" :) to which he turned around and mumbled something then kept on walking...needless to say, the resident was transfered to the psych unit for evaluation...but you're right pooh, my hat goes off to them. that can be a very dangerous place to work and god bless them all! ;)


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I have had a couple of pts to deal with who were going through DT's or some other kind of withdrawal who are more than I feel like I can comfortably handle. This patient the other day was just bascially stressed out I think and finally just snapped. She is truly ill with pneumonia, so our stress unit won't take her yet. Actually, she has been pretty decent since that last episode. She never did take a swing at me, but she sure was uncontrobable for almost an hour. I hate dealing with psych patients.

ITA!! I always say, psych nurses are either really smart, or really crazy.;)

I have much admiration either way!

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