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Hi everyone! I'm starting CRNA school this Fall and started to compile a list of things I need to do/buy before the program in order to make the transition successful (both academic related and personal). THings like "See my doctor", "Take a vacation", "Get new glasses" and the like.. Anyone have any suggestions on things we can take care of now in order to make for a smooth, easy transition? Any input would help! Thanks so much and good luck and congratulations to everyone starting school this coming semester!


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Same here with me. I am planning to take a month off of work before school starts and take a nice vacation with my wife. I am also going to see my dentist and physician before my insurance changes. Also, a few overtime shifts are in my near future. Best of luck to you and congratulations.


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On the top of your list should be "take a vacation"

Next, dont go buying every book that people tell you to on this site...your school will tell you what they want you to have, and you will start to learn which ones are helpful as you go.

Enjoy spending time not studying. If it's been awhile since you've been in school, try to remember what study habits helped you in your undergrad or with your CCRN, etc.

I would do a few shadowing experiences if you haven't already. Try to see a couple generals and a few MAC cases if you can.

Stock up on coffee.

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I recommend paying off as much debt like credit cards and eliminate nonessentials. I am a year into a 28 month program-money is a huge concern. If you have alot of bills and have made a good living in the previous year: the govt will say your contribution will be $23000.00. School is stressful enough. Review math, physics, and evalaute your study habits.:up:


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Go on a small, short, cheap trip. Pull some overtime shifts now while you can. You'll need every penny to live on for the next two years. You may want to consider learning your school's library web system. Learn how to navigate about to look for research articles. This would save you precious time for studying later and not have to waste time figuring out PubMed and resource sites for your research projects. Redo all your certifications now, BLS,ACLS, PALS, RN, TB... so that most should be good for the next two years. One less thing to worry about. Take care of all of that. You hop on a train, it travels very fast, and it does not stop until you are done. Good luck hope my advice helps. I graduate in the summer.

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