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being an IEN...talking about California, there is a good thread here explaining why it is unwise to get the initial licensure especially if one has no SSN#.

but a positive NCLEX result can still be used on applying to other state thru a licensure by examination route (as what I have learned here).

What difference does it make now?:urgycld:


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Let's say initially it saves you money, and you don't risk loosing your NCLEX results when applying to a different board that doesn't destroy your files.

California for some reason is a dream of many and only very few succeed at the end.


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Many people use Ca because they do their own assessment of transcripts however Ca will destroy your file after 3 years if you do not provide a SSN or ask for a extension. Before retrogression that wasn't too big a problem but if you planned on working in another state then you still had to meet requiremetns and can not endorse as you need a license to endorse.

Also CA BON is now closed 3 out of 4 Fridays which will reduce productivity. With retrogression what is the hurry?

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