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That's hilarious because there huge billboard that says is


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I am not sure the books for the first semester of NS cost me 600 dollars, uniform another 78 dollars, shoes were 50 and equipment cost me 50. Doctors office cost me 25 I have decent insurance no insurance I would have had to pay for my physical, titers, and TB test, and Heb B. That does not include the paper and ink I have went through. The second semester I spent 400 in books and had to buy another pen light and more paper and ink. I also bought Microsoft office and it cost me $140 dollars I got the professional version. Third semester I had to buy two more books at 150 dollars a pair of callipers that cost 10 dollars. The fourth semester I bought one textbook at 80 dollars. This is not included in what I spent in tuition or my prereqs for a grand total of 1505. I am not sure how much I spent before getting in. HTH


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That's hilarious because there huge billboard that says

Each credit hour now is $104.55, atleast that's what it is at the Gary location.


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Look for your books on craigslist many of my classmates have listed their books for cheap on there.

Many times my classmates would give their old scrub tops etc to the program chair. Check into that as it will save you lots of money and to be honest we only had clinical one day a week. You can generally get by with one set of scrubs.

To be honest some of the reference books you can do without or get an old version that will work fine for careplans. Ask around and you can find some ways to cut down on the bills.

Also some of your vaccines etc you can get for cheap or free at the health department.

Good Luck!

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