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Wow I can't believe that it is one week away now. Well almost my first class is the 3rd. I am beyond excited. I can access my online course in a couple of days I think. I will probably go over the outline nad see what to read etc. I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a wonderful start to their future education. Good luck to all of us!:)


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Thanks and good luck to you too, rhona1!!

Best wishes for the new school year!


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((((catching the good luck wish)))) Thanks, I need all the good luck I can get. Got two exams the first day of class on meds, and drug calculations. Have to get 100% in order to pass meds this semester!!! Geesh, can't wait until '04 when I graduate!!


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I'm very excited also...I'm only taking A & P 2 and I'm exciting nonetheless. Congrats to everyone who started the Fall 2002 program!!! Hope things are going well....I really wish I was with you all....:D




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hello, everyone! i just want to wish all of you well on your first day of class next week. keep the faith!

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