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a TMCC hopeful!

hi there! im currently working on my pre-reqs with my eye on the tmcc nursing program in 2012, im just curious to know other than completing the pre-reqs, what else is required to get into the program? i spoke with a counselor and she mentioned a test...i cant remember the name of it! any tips or info would be greatly appreciated! id like to start getting study materials and anything i can to get a head start on anything i can..

also, should i apply like... months in advance if i want to attend the fall 2012 program? how does the application process work???

Reno1978, BSN, RN

Specializes in SRNA.

Admissions info can be found here: http://www.tmcc.edu/nursing/downloads/documents/NURSAdmissionCriteria.pdf

The test is called the HESI

Competition is tough for nursing programs in Northern NV. I found that by the time I did all of my prerequisites, I was able to finish the core curriculum needed for my BSN at UNR and I ended up applying to their program after doing all of my prereq's at TMCC. I'd suggest to look at all of your options and speak with counsellors at all of the schools to find the best path for you! I ended up with a BSN in 3.5 years of schooling. UNR is GPA based admission, unless something has changed.

Good luck!

Please save yourself the trouble and try for UNR or Western Nevada College. Don't go to TMCC. I won't say anymore publicly.


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