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Has anyone ever got the mmr booster...and then a week later do the titers..and it come back positive???

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Um, isn't that what's supposed to happen?

Yes...sorry should have word it better....i got my titers for the MMR but it came back negative...so i got the booster shot...and have to redo the titers they said i should wait a few weeks but im on a time limit...so i was gonna go in a week to redo it and was wondering if anyone has done it so soon and got a positive result

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If a patient was exposed to antigen before and had immune responce, then repeated exposure activates memory lymphocytes which quickly provide immunoglobulins. That is how most of vaccines actually work.

MMR produces seroconversion (i.e. positive titer) in 95%+ overall population, but still 2 to 5% of children and possibly more adults are "nonreactors". For some reason, these people never get positive titers (although, if they get measles, they are known to have "mitigated", or very mild form). As this thought to be more common among adults, their titers are recommended to be drawn 4 weeks after revaccination.

Honestly, your question belongs to your health care provider and also to your facility's occupational health. Your immune responce is not something that can be expected to be exactly similar to mine, or anybody else's matched by age and gender.

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Yes, my MMR, came back negative. Was given another MMR injection and another titer was done. It came back negative again. My doctor at the time stated in a written note that I was immunized even though I had a negative titer, and that no further immunization was necessary. My blood also reacts to the preservative in the tube while my blood is being drawn, causing my platelets to clump together and resulting in results saying I don't have enough platelets. I only found that out because I ended up having to go to a hematologist. I think I have strange blood.

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