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Tired of floor nursing.

Hello all. I have a dilemma that I would like the guidance of fellow nurses. I am tired of floor nursing. I have worked med/surg, telemetry, stroke, and now work stepdown. I absolutely hate going to work. I feel more like a waitress/maid than a nurse. I hate the politics of the floor, dealing with drug seekers, obnoxious family members, the way administration treat bedside nurses, etc. Nurses work short staffed yet the hospital only worry about their patient satisfaction scores. I would die the happiest woman on the earth if I never have to answer another call bell ever in life. I have talked to friends that work in pacu, OR, home health, cath lab holding, nicu, etc to get their opinions of their jobs. I think I need a job where I don't have a pt for 12 hrs and my interaction with family members is limited. My dilemma is that I have only been on my current job for a few months. I worry how it would look if I leave a job so early. I don't want to have my co-workers looking down on me or my unit director being upset with me for leaving so soon. I don't want it to be a strike against me in the long run. I have met nurses who have left jobs they disliked after 3 months and have never looked back but I'm worried. I know I have to find a job that I like because life is too short. Do I try to stick it out for at least a year or do I start looking for something new?

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You are describing the the dilemma of the hospital nurse.

How long have you been a nurse? How long have you been in your current position and is your experience within the same hospital system?

Ive been a nurse for 4 years. Ive been in this particular position and hospital for 5 months. I did over 2 years in one position and the rest travel nursing.

Maybe you just have to try to find that slower pace non hospital job. Have you looked into clinics or Dr, offices. my sister in law was a hospital nurse in ICU for something like 10 years in two different hospitals, and now works in a retirment home and is loving it. Grant it she makes a ton less but she loves the slower pace and they are a lot more relaxed about time off and such. Just try to find your new niche in nursing, there are plenty of different avenues to explore.

Been there,done that, ASN, RN

Has 33 years experience.

100 percent correct , life is too short. We still have to plan.

You have 4 years of experience, with 4 positions. You really don't want to look like a job hopper. It WILL limit your offers.

Your experience is already impressive. It's going to take you time to find what you want. Stick out the year in the current -H#$@hole, while you search.

"I don't want to have my co-workers looking down on me or my unit director being upset with me for leaving so soon. "

Leave emotional reactions out of this.


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I would definitely try to make it more than 6 months with 1 year being ideal. I would use this time to search and consider what might be a good fit-maybe even job shadow. Work on your exit plan- it may make your current job more tolerable just knowing you have an end date. I certainly understand how you feel, I've been working med/surg for a long time and I am burned on call lights and family members. I keep thinking PACU or OR might be a nice change.


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