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Hi all!

Been a while since i was here! So I'm coming to the end of my nursing internship and i have a job interview coming up. I'm wondering if you have any tips or suggestions on how to wow the panel as i really need to get this job (theres nowhere else employing at the moment). Any idea what I should be brushing up on if they decided to quiz me?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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I found these links to be really helpful:

I also found that a great way to impress potential employers is to research, research, research the potential place of employment. It looks good to be able to rattle off subjects of articles, topics in the newsletters, etc. Really think about the questions that you want to ask at the end of the interview...these can really make you stand out in the interview process. Good luck!


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have been looking forward for this opportunity. Am so excited!!:bow:


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I'm so thankful to see this post.I am really preparing myself for my coming interview next week.Though I'm already nervous, I consider this an opportunity for me to see how I will be successful in passing this interview and hopefully get that job I am dreaming of.

This post is just in time, and I am glad to find this.

Thanks again.


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Prepare for these type of questions since almost all of my interviewer asked these types of questions. Good luck with the interview!

1.Tell me about yourself.

2. What are your strengths and weakness.

3. How would you handle conflicts with co-worker or difficult patients or a demanding shift.

4. Your 5 year career goals.


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Thanks for the replies! Really appreciate it! Going on others experiences theyre asking what if questions like what if you had a missing patient etc. Prepping for the weekend now!


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I finally got my interview.But the night before, I have'nt sleep good, the interview thought was in my mind that I can't sleep.It's like those questions always pops up that I was deprived of a good sleep.Anyway,there was a last minute change of venue, wherein I have to travel almost an hour.It does add anxiety in me.I arrived 30 minutes late, figuring 2 different addresses given .I finally see the person who will interview me.She understood the time since she's the one who change the venue. She explained the nature of the job, the lenghty expectation of a person for the position, then twice interrupted by someone asking something from her.By the way,aside from the CEO who primarily do the talking, there was one lady she let sit accross where I sitted.Looks like, she's just observing, but once in awhile joined the talking.My focus was on the interviewer so I don't know what the other lady was doing, though sometimes I can see her looking at me.

I will still have interview for another person after a week, according to the CEO before they can make a final decision whether to hire me or not, so my journey is not done yet.

I am glad to see those questions here where I practiced answering, it gives me confidence and added composure.Thanks again for those tips.


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hi. i am a new grad and wanted to know if there are any specific nursing books that would be helpful in acing the job interview?

greatly appreciate any feedback.

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