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Tips for new nurse manager at SNF?


I'm planning on taking a unit nurse manager position tomorrow after trialing it for the past two weeks. I have the general idea of what the position is all about, i.e. audits, chart checks, care plans. Just curious if any seasoned nurses have tips on what makes for a good nurse manager on skilled rehab unit, or really any tips at all about being a nurse manager!

Have no tips for you but wanted to wish you good luck on your new position, and hope it will be rewarding and fulfilling job for you.

If you want to be successful as a manager, I suggest you "catch" your staff doing things right. Let them know you appreciate their hard work. And be willing to help someone everyday--even if it is just for 5 minutes. Too many managers walk around looking for everything to be wrong, and with an attitude that they are to good to help anyone lower on the totem pole then they are.

Don't know if this is the kind of tip you were looking for---but it is what your staff wants you to be.

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Start with the basics. Make sure all your systems are in place. Help the but remember you have a job to do and if you're too busy doing their work, you won't get your own done.


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Make sure your staff know you are there. Once you get settled into your new position, allow for time on the floor to be seen by staffand residents. I know there is always paperwork to be done but, the staff need to know you don't just sit at a desk. Walk through your unit multiple times a day, looking at what is going on. On a daily basis, tell the staff thank you for the work they do.