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Tips on NCLEX


this is sort of like a mini review on books/review materials that ive got.

Things that helped: (no order or anything)

1. KAPLAN QBABKS - at first i thought this didnt helped but yea it did. practice practice! a lil close to nclex. if you can just purchase the qbanks just do that. the videos that were on the package was kind of boring. i mean if you're like me who cant sit still or pay attention for more than 30mins. then the videos might not work for you. when i was trying to watch it..i felt like i wasted 3 hours of my life.i probably have adhd or somethin. instead do SELF STUDY! but if you can pay attention for a long time then good for you :p

2. LACHARITY - search it here. it really did help. but just a piece of advice dont do the cases. haha! it's too hard. so just do the first 18 i think? that's good enough

3. PNEUMONICS - spiderman, my chicken hex tb.. all that! memorize it. and be sure you know which equipments to use.

4. EXCELL REVIEW - if you need content review. this is good. they lack practice questions though.

5. PRAYER - on my last try.. i didnt study much. instead i prayed a lot. and it helped! seriously. i went to church for 18 days for a novena. STO NINO on first 9 and then ST JUDE for the 2nd 9 days. and pray to ST JOSEPH OF CUPERTINO (for exams)

Other stuffs:

1. HURST - it was ok for content review. but id rather read mosby's book to save money. but they we're kind of ok.

2. EXAMCRAM - hmmm it worked for others but not for me. it was too easy. compared to nclex. so rather not buy it :p

3. DAVIS - i tried some practice tests on this book... so hard! id probably choose Kaplan over it.

4. INCREDIBLY EASY PATHO? - this would help you if you cant understand some patho. lol.

5. SAUNDERS - this book is overwhelming. i didnt read ob/pedia only MS. stick to MOSBY's coz its thinner haha! just trying to make your life easier.

LASTLY, if you felt like you dont want to study try to convince yourself that you dont want to take this test AGAIN! (i read this somewhere here) and if you also feel like your brain is not absorbing the things that you are reading/studying. dont study! instead pray to be inspired! eat peanuts! for memorizing lab values.. re-write everything!!! this would help you memorize it.

i dont know if this helps. coz im kind of frustrated with my resume. if you have any questions. just ask me! im very willing to help :)

thank you for this post! it is always good to read about others' inspiration!

I am currently doing questions from the Davis cd. The questions are difficult. I am also reading the Hurst course book for content. I pray this all help me. I will be retesting for the second time on the first of December. Oh yea, I also have La charity!

I will be doing excell review nxt week at sunnyvale. I have been reading saunders and answering questions and reading the rationales from the cd that came with it. I'm also anwering questions from Nclex 3500. I have Prioritization by laCharity but i haven't started on that yet. I'll be testing 1st week of dec for the 1st time. good luck to us!!!