some TIPS FOR NCLEX takers...


I just wanted to share a couple of things that I've been doing, to hopefully help some of those taking this exam who are Self-Reviewing

  1. Make Google Calendar your best friend.
    • create a schedule that is realistic and stick to it
    • using Google Calendar has helped me stay focused since i'm self studying
    • it helps me visualize my schedule and l tend to stick to the routine
    • when making your schedule, allot 1 min per question to answer

[*]Make Google Docs your second best friend.

  • Make one spreadsheet to take note of the content you missed then make sure to read about that topic during a scheduled time

[*]If you have an iphone/ipad, try gFlash+ for your flashcard program

  • this program syncs the notes you take onto your iDevice so you can review them at a later date

[*]Stick to one reference (most recommend Saunders) for learning content so you don't confuse yourself.

[*]Set 1 hour aside a day to do "quiz-drills" for content area that you are weak in

  • For example, my school didn't have a separate class for Pharmacology so that was my weakness... For the past 2 weeks, I have made it a point to do 30 pharma questions a day then rationalize them, and my quiz scores have improved dramatically.

[*]Eat, Pray, Love.

  • feed yourself the nutrition your body needs to remain focused, and get enough sleep. (i've also been taking ginkgo biloba supplements to help with memory retention/circulation, BUT DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL... goes STRAIGHT to the brain :p)
  • make sure to count your blessings for making it this far
  • eliminate or minimize any negativity

That's really what I could give to this forum,... and honestly, I haven't taken the exam yet, but I feel these have been helping me since my Kaplan QT4 score just jumped to 73% after implementing these things. My review sessions were never very focused. Here's a sample of what my week looks like. (Red = audio mp3 listening session, Green = Pharma quiz drill, Yellow = Exam (usually 100 items)


Good luck to all taking this exam. May God's greatness guide us through this.

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nice! thanks for sharing. :nurse:


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wow i mean wow u are so organized. GOOD LUCK !!! and keep up posted!!! :)

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I'm already have my draft of schedule in my planner. But I'm inspired to use an online calendar because of this. :) Thanks for the tip! And yeah good luck to everyone testing! :D


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i like using the online calendar because you can drag and drop depending on your needs. for example, if you take a post test and need to make room for further review, you can shift your schedule around with ease....

that's another thing, another thing that I do is:

- review 3 topics, then take a post-test (100 items) over the three topics

i really hope this helps :)

i will update you guys next month, keep me in your thoughts


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Wow, you are really dedicated to studying for this :) I didn't look at a single question or book LOL


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Steph, did you already take your exam?


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Yep, done and over - turned off at the minimum. The entire test took me approx 24 minutes!! Took me longer to drive there LOL


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:) i don't really have a choice but to pass.. so i have to exhaust every effort... considering I didn't go to the BEST of schools... i have to over-compensate with better review habits. besides, i'm not getting any younger... 26 days and 18 hours to go.......

Great tips....thank you so much. I calendarize everything...only way I got through my masters.