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any tips on avoiding NCLEX burnout?

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i just wanna share my little nclex fail story:

i'm 21 years old.. graduated from nursing school on March 2011 with good grades and a few honors.after grad i took a few months to relax and started reviewing for the boards last May. mind you i was pregnant when i was reviewing so you'd usually find me sleeping with my saunders book beside me.my date to take the nclex was august 5 so i used my time to read saunders(my only resource book) 2 hours in the morning for content, take a nap, read another 2 hours in the afternoon..since i was pregnant i found it a hard time to concentrate, it was like i was always exhausted. :(

i didn't practice that much on answering questions because i was confident that i knew everything about content and pathophysiology (my friends call me a nerd for considering patho my favorite subject hehe) when it was time to test i entered the pearsonvue office with confidence, but when i sat at my computer i got blank.all of a sudden my knees got shaky and i was like ***, every answer choice seemed correct. i didn't take time to read the q's carefully and just clicked away to get the test over with. when i got back to the hotel i was staying i did the pvt and went straight to the cc page.. :(

as of now my parents are the ones shouldering for my kaplan q bank..hubby only works part time at the local gym. i don't want to be a burden to mom and dad but they suggested it's ok. i am very lucky to have parents like them. i got pregnant yet still here they are, loving me unconditionally, believing in their one and only daughter that "she's intelligent even though she failed nclex" theyre the reasons i want to pass nclex, and i thank God for them.. heck they even love hubby, dad and hubby have their own "guys night out gimmick" once a week..hehe i dream of one day giving them a nice house if i do pass nclex in the future. hehe

so here i am again, willing to review another time. wanting to make things right. the thing is i love reviewing, it's just that i get tired easily.any tips on avoiding NCLEX burnout? tips on making nclex review more motivating?

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When I took mine the third and final time I studied just for 2 hours a day when working and 4 hours a day when not working. I took a break when I needed to otherwise i just concentrated on answering questions and reading the rationale. Reading the rationale (even on questioned answered correctly) enabled me to understand what the question was asking


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