Tips on administrating vaccines to the lil ones

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Any suggestions or advice for the scared kids to administer their basic immunizations? I would greatly appreciate feed back :-)

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How little are we talking? You're probably not going to be able to negotiate any child under the age of 4 or 5 into cooperating. You *might* get a younger one who's cooperative if it's a kid who is not otherwise healthy. I've had some 3 and 4 year olds with cancer cooperate with me because they're used to getting shots. For the little ones, it's best to sit them in Mom or Dad's lap and get in and out as fast as you can. They'll cry but they'll forget about it relatively quickly. Most immunizations are administered in the first 18 months of a child's life when they're small enough to just hold them down and do it.

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Before you leave room to get everything ready, talk with parents and have them remove pants, long sleeves. Explain where and how. They are going to have to hold them very tight, so you can be done fast. If they cannot hold child tightly/you have concerns, bring another person to help hold. Have everything ready and labeled (alcohol, syringes, bandaids opened and ready to apply). When you go into room, do not let little one see all the syringes. Toddlers are the hardest. Parent should hold in lap, tightly. I wipe all areas with alcohol and just go for it....keeping track of what went where, because everything is labeled. Put on bandaids. In super difficult instances, I have parent hold child tightly while parent stands. It is very easy to get to the vastus lateralis this way quickly and efficiently. You will get better. Until then, take somebody in with you to help hold. Nothing worse than a child pulling away and you miss.

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