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Tidewater Community College-hopefuls application July 2014


This is a new tread for anyone applying July 15, 2014 for TCC Nursing program.

Hey I made a thread too and I'm reapplying myself! :)

awesome!!! if you don't mind asking, what was your gpa, and hesi test. This is my first time applying, so I am blind about the whole application process.

I have a 3.4 gpa for prereqs and a 75% on my hesi. What about u?

my overall gpa is 3.6 my hesi was 77. Hopefully I will be graduating this coming fall, maybe that will help. I am also taking my CPR class in a couple weeks, they require it one you are selected, so i decided to take it before so they can see that i am really interested.

are you dropping your application July 15?

That's good! And yes I will be dropping it off that day. I just have to update my grades and turn in a letter that they require when reapplying again. I really pray I get in this time around. Are u applying for the day or new evening program?

I am applying for the day. I am a mother of 3, so i really want to be home after school. I really hope we get the acceptance letter.

Yea I'm applying for the day classes too. U have any backup plans?

Yes, I am applying if not accepted at TCC, to Riverside in January, and ODU February, and again to TCC(spring 2015), i will look into Sentara. I am really hopeful that i will get in I have many classes that are for my bachelors, I have chemistry, statistics, precalculus, Art, CPR,medical terminology, etc.. I am going to volunteer to Princess Anne or CHKD after this semester.

Yea I was leaning towards odu and riverside but riversides tuition is increasing. I really want to apply to sentara again, but I don't feel like waiting another whole year either. 😩

And I just spoke to a nursing advisor at odu and she said if we get accepted into tcc's program, we can apply for the concurrent enrollment with odu to receive our bachelors.

Oh yeah, I know ODU has an agreement with Riverside and TCC, once you are accepted you can start your bachelors at ODU to get your BSN. Tell me how the sentara application was? is it competitive?

that's why I am taking all this class you don't really need to apply for gcc. That way i am working towards my bachelors, is gonna be hard, but hopefully we get accepted. I am so nervous already.

Girl for Sentara I had to retake 4 out of the 6 classes that they mainly look at when determining who gets in. Unfortunately, I wasn't competitive. The advisor told me my grades were good but my entrance exam is what hurt me a bit. I really have all my prereqs done but if I do Tcc and Odu's enrollment, I would have to take another science and literature class.

what classes they want? what grade they want?, Oh my God, becoming a Nurse is hard. Did you get the grade they were asking for?

me too. I need chemistry 112, I have chemistry 111, and i know for sure i will need literature.

if you get the acceptance letter you have till January to make sure you take those classes, once you are in, is less stressful at least you are not fighting for a seat anymore.

For Sentara the classes they require is on their website but they mainly look at a&p 1, Eng. 111 & 112, psych developmental, statistics, and chemistry. With those classes my gpa averaged to a 3.6 so I met the gpa requirement but not the entrance exam.

If we do get accepted into TCC we do have until January to complete the other classes for the enrollment. But I would also hate to take those classes and not get accepted either. I guess I'll have to continue to have faith!