Tidewater CC Sonography?


Hi!!! I am considering either Sonography or Nursing....is there anyone that is currently taking classes for Sonography at TCC or who has graduated and can give me any kind of insight on the program, requirements, jobs...etc


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I don't know if you will find many sonography graduates on a nursing forum. But you might not only want to explain where Tidewater CC is but you could also try posting in the applicable state forum under "region" instead of the general nursing forum.


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Well, we have a school that pumps sonographers out like a pool draining water. Then they have to move away to find a position because we live in a small town. There are just not many jobs for them. I know really the same is for nursing, but you are more apt to get a nursing job than a sonography . Just my two cents.


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I would be very cautious about trade schools that offer careers in the healthcare field. Do a thorough background check...and check with your state board of higher education BEFORE you put any money out of pocket. I have a neighbor who has been having a terrible time after "graduating" (still has no diploma) frome a hemodialysis tech school...what a run around!