TIA School of Allied Health in NYC CNA course, advice?


Hi, everyone!

I am considering TIA School of Allied Health in NYC for CNA course. I checked the yelp reviews and it seems TIA only has positive reviews from many programs they offer but CNA course. There is, however, one negative review about CNA course. I was wondering if anyone who has taken CNA course at this school, please, share your experience. I am looking to start in February so I would very much appreciate any feedback/advice until then. Thanks!

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I'm applying too! I have the same question

I am also following this question. If someone has already finished a CNA program, do you mind sharing? Thanks


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Any update

hi, I took the CNA course in 2019. It's way cheaper than the other scammer school! around 34 St. It's extremely easy !! and recommend this. Unfortunately due to covid I haven't been able to register for state test. Since it can be taken at the school. I did pass the class and finish my externship at the nursing home before covid.