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Thoughts on potential job offer?

by kjan kjan (New) New

Hi all,

New AN member here. I'm a new grad. Graduated this past May. I have read many posts on AN about job offers and how every institution is different than another, when it comes to hiring and making a decision.

I had an interview with the Nurse recruiter/HR and then a few weeks later was called back in to have my 2nd interview with the Nurse Manager on the floor. It was actually a panel interview, with the Manager, the Nurse educator and another staff member. I then had a 3rd interview with 2 of the staff RNs working on the floor, that same day. I understand that even though an interview goes "really well, and they really liked me," it is possible to not get hired. However, it seems to me that in my situation I really do feel that they admired me.

Every answer that I gave they thoroughly enjoyed and actually smiled at one another. They even said "yup, that's exactly what a X nurse would say. You have the mentality of a X nurse!" That is just one of the things that happened during my interview. It even seemed like more of a casual discussion at one point, because I found them laughing and genuinely were enjoying my interview with them. I literally poured out my passion about wanting this position so bad. I think they really picked up on it.

Well, it's been one month since that 2nd interview. I knew that there were many candidates for this position and that she would be very busy conducting interviews etc. I called the Nurse manager 2 weeks after my interview, because 1 week after would not have been possible, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, I called her 2 weeks after the interview. She answered. When I told her that it was me, she immediately said "HI! OH YES!" and proceeded to tell me details about what is currently going on and how she thinks it's only fair to give other candidates time to interview with her and whatnot. She then ended the phone call saying "Do not worry. I definitely did not forget about you!!!"

Fast forward another week after that call. Nothing. And another week. Nothing. I called again her office. She picked up. Long story short, she said that her schedule's been so busy because of all the interviews and her hands have been "tied," she even said that she wished the next steps of the process would go by faster too. She told me that she just got in contact with HR and by the end of next week, I should expect a call from them, especially after she gets that final call from HR in the beginning of next week.

My stomach is turning! LOL! I am very religious and pray every single day. I have been on many other interviews ever since I graduated, (probably more than my fellow nursing classmates) but never got through to receive an offer. This time it feels a little different. I know that I shouldn't rely on this one position. The job hunt still continues for me.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Is it possible to hear back after a month (maybe more than a month), just to receive a rejection or offer? Please, I would love to hear your stories and experiences. Thank you in advance! SORRY this was long too!

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Chaya, ASN, RN

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Definitely happens. Although I think the job market is becoming less tight out there, employers have definitely been dragging their feet with regards to actual offers. I can appreciate the fine line you have to walk between "still interested" and "stalking". I hope you will hear good news soon.

Thank you so much for your comment. I really hope so too.

I think it could go either way. She might be telling you she has no control over the hiring, too. It might have nothing to do with you or any of the other candidates being qualified, but everything to do with who has a tight inside connection getting the job - especially in acute care. Remember she cannot really say much because she is not really the decision maker in the end. I think the list of relatives, and people who can "call in their chips" and get someone they know hired is long. So long, that the chance that someone who is not a relative of a current employee or a VIP candidate has a very small chance of hire these days.

If you get the job, and have done it on your own, it's quite an achievement!

Very true. I thought I may add that one of the staff members of HR Nursing, one of the higher positions, attends the same church my family attends. That is probably the one reason why I got this far. She encouraged me to apply.

MrChicagoRN, RN

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I'd remain optimistic, as it does sound like they like you, but managers do have many masters, and sometimes things drag on. Consider maybe a carefully composed email, or voicemail thanking them for the time spent, and that you remain interested in working there.

In the meantime, you are not married until the ring is on your finger, and the job isn't yours until you have an offer in hand, and have cleared the hurdles. Keep looking, but keep the door open for X

I'll keep that in mind, the suggestion you made about writing an email. You're definitely right. Thank you for your advice.

Ginger's Mom, MSN, RN

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I would say since she referred you back to HR it is looking less hopeful.I agree with the advice keep looking.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

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Most of my acceptances have been within a month. Same with most rejections, though one I got rejected for a job several months after I applied, which actually turned out to a blessing in disguise...but that's a tale for another thread.

I was in the same predicament once too: despite how wonderful things went and how much the manager raved about my joining the team...weeks went by and nothing ever came of it. It does suck big time, and is rather crushing. Sorry that this is happening to you.

I would send that follow-up call or email as suggested by others, but in all honesty, I'd resume the job hunt.

And new grads, I can't say this enough: DO NOT stop the job hunt until you get an official job offer from HR. No matter how well the interview went, no matter what verbal promises the nurse manager made, no matter how much you feel that this job is "the one." Without that job offer, you do not have the job.