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Thomas Jefferson Program

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Anyone know anything about Thomas Jefferson U. in philadelphia starting a new program.

Anyone know anything about Thomas Jefferson U. in philadelphia starting a new program.


There is some info on the website. I'm interested in learning more about this one too. It's obviously a great healthcare learning environment, but this is a new program for them--probably with kinks to work out. I like that most of the clinicals seem to take place on-site. I don't know if SRNA's will compete with medical residents for experience. This would be an important question to ask. Tuition is about $72K.

72K is pretty expensive. Is that including the clincial fees etc....

Hard to believe they can run an efficient program with all the other CRNA schools established and operating in the philadelphia area. guess there is no lack of clinical experience down that way, or maybe I'm wrong.

You do pose an important point. How can they afford to charge so much for a program in that area. I believe there are 6 programs in the area in addition that is a new program. That is irate the should be giving away money to get individuals through the program. Display some success for the first set of students, then there will be solid proof the program will be successful. I would not dare apply there when I have so many options. That is too much. I know its a great investment but not when you can go somewhere else for similar or better education for less.

Although this was started primarily as a Pre-CRNA discussion, which I agree Ether, I think it should be in the Pre-CRNA forum, the issue itself should become a concern among those CRNA's practicing in PA, especially the Philadelphia area.

I've just recently been told from a source in philly that Jefferson is going to accept 50 Students in its first class (not sure if it will pan out to this many, but that is what I was told). The formation of this huge program, along with the one set up by York University and Hospital is creating quite a saturation of CRNA's in the PA and philadelphia area. Just as it was very difficult to get a job as a CRNA 10-15 years ago, it may also again be difficult IN PA to get a job as a Nurse anesthetist, say in 5-10 years. Also the clinical experiences of the many schools in the philadelphia area (there are at least 6) will surely suffer if these students are competing with Residents and each other to obtain clinical skills.

I think it is unfortunate that the amount of anesthesia programs is not distributed more equally across the US. PA currently has about 10 programs w/ more coming. California has like 3. make sense?

I am proud to be a student in pennsylvania, but I also think we have some work to do in the other states as well. But if you are not worried about the job market in 5-10 years in the state of PA, I think you should be. CRNA employment just like anything else is cyclical. sooner or later, saturation will dry up all the available positions. Many may feel this is unlikely. I'm not saying it isn't, but it is certainly something to think about.

They have 25 students

I know as an SRNA in Philly this is something that I am definitely worried about. Not sure if I am staying in PA or not after graduation, but it would be nice to have that option. Honestly I am suprised Jefferson even managed to get a program approved with the physician opposition there. They also have a decent sized residency program so I am not sure where the CRNA students are going to do clinicals.

there program have not been approved yet. But if there is a physician opposition there why put these students through these non-welcoming situations? I there anyone out there that have been accepted to their program. I am in the stages where i am reconsidering my desicion about applying to PA schools. I heard nazareths sends there students anywhere that will accept them into the o.r. How much is their clinical fee that is jefferson in comparison to nazareth.

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