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I have a fulltime job(a new one at a rehab center)as a NA. I am also going into nursing school this fall for my RN (might stop after a year and write for my LPN) What I am wondering is how have you handled your family/fulltime work and fulltime school. This is more for people who haven't done all of the prerequisite courses and are doing it all at the same time. I am taking it all at once. I realize that could have done the courses first but for me that was not possible and this is the only way to go(for me) I am a little nervous. I work night shift. Does anyone have a sample of their usual day? How do you fit everything in.I have done a couple of semesters fulltime but I wasn't working at the time. Sorry to ramble


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oops sorry I meant to post this on another bb, please feel free to answer, if you have any suggestions.


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I did it! An important part of my success was that I became best freinds with a fellow student who would study with me and call me to be sure I got up in the mornings for clinicals. She would car pool me to clinicals where we'd also study and talk. It was great to have found a good freind during that time. I made other freinds and found study partners in my non nursing courses too who also helped me get through it all. Good luck and hang in there!


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Hang in there!

There's a lot of us that did similar tracks.

I started at age 33.

I worked 2-3 12 hour nights, slept through more than one exam with disasterous results, and missed a few of my kids school programs.

Today I have the education. _ (nobody can take that away)

I have the RN license. _ (I protect that with a passion)

And my 3 daughters still love me and respect me for having gotten through the tough times. _ (I wouldn't trade that for the world)

You can do it.


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I knew students who lived at home with their folks, worked full time jobs, and had "no children" who found it hard to get through the course full time.

I knew students who were married, without children, and didn't work, and still found it hard to get through the course full time.

Then, there was me. I was married, in my early thirties, a mother of 3 school aged children, and didn't work until my final year of nursing -- but only worked part time, and I don't think I could have gone full time, worked full time, AND did as well as I did upon graduation.

So, to you who can attend school full time, work full time, AND manage a family....hats off to you! ;)

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I was 22, separated, with a 1 year old and a 5 year old, living in New Orleans in a not so great part of town, and had NO car. (We took the bus and streetcar everywhere). I worked part-time odd jobs, and my grandmother watched my girls for me when she could.

It was tough, but I did it, and you can too... Just keep your eye on the prize: your RN license and the possibilities it holds for you and your family. Make it work for you!

Good Luck!

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