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this is coming from the nevada bon. i'm wondering if this could be an option for ca students who want to attend excelsior. it seems like it's adequate for skills assessment while you're doing your theory. will the cabrn go for it? ehhhhh maybe, i can't seem to find that poster who is from nevada who is currently an excelsior student who wants to endorse into ca. this would be worth a shot for her to try and to share with us how it goes. what's your take on it? i already contacted nevada bon and what they told me was that it didn't matter if you were paid or not as an apprentice nurse. all that matters is that you find someone willing to be your preceptor.


apprentice nurse skills list

an apprentice nurse is an employee of an agency who is currently enrolled in a prelicensure rn or pn nursing program. the apprentice nurse works at a health care facility providing nursing care following a board-approved skills list (below). as apprentice nurses progress through their nursing programs, their ability to perform more of the approved skills increases. the apprentice nurse program offers students the opportunity to practice their clinical skills and to acclimate to the role of the licensed nurse.

it is the responsibility of the hiring facility director of nursing to:

Sorry it wont let me post the information but use the link that I provided.

Sounds like a good idea for those who are able to participate. Most people can't afford to temporarily move to Nevada though. They certainly won't find preceptors in southern CA.

Yeah, that's true, when we are students we are poor as heck. So relocating might not be an option for some, but it can be for others.

Very interesting. I wonder, if it would be okay, if each skill was performed just one time (as a checkoff), if that would be okay. That would make it easier for students in other states, because looking at the list I would imagine that most of those skills could be performed it maybe 6 or so 12 hour shifts. That would definately make it possible for more students to take the leap and do it. Also, it would get over the CABRN "clinical conccurrent with theory" rule.

Another thought, there is a distance learning RT program, where students set up clinicals in their own area, and it seems like hospitals in my area are receptive to this. So if Excelsior were willing , students could take this model and use it at EC. It could work like this:

1. EC keeps all of it's current degree requirements

2. Students will have the option of adding applied professional credits to their EC transcript by taking a Clinical class while enrolled at EC, in which:

- The student must find their own clinical site.

- The clinical site will enter into an agreement with EC and the student, to provide teaching (as little as one demonstration), and a checkoff of a list of skills similar to Nevada's apprentice nurse program.

- If the student gets a positive checkoff of let's day 70% of the skills list, EC will award credit for the course calling it "Clinical Nursing".

- This course would be Pass/Fail

- If the student didn't make the 70%, they would have the option of trying again, or not having it listed on their transcript since it is not mandatory to fulfill the school's degree requirements.

-***Note*** Students who pass this "course" still must pass the CPNE.

I think this would be a win-win situation. Excelsior would not have to change it's current degree requirements, students would have the oppourtunity to get clinical teaching if they desired, as well as clinical concurrent with theory.

Maybe I should email this to them.

Anyway, good job. This is an example of the types of students that are attracted to Excelsior. Intelligent, determined, resourceful, and dedicated.

That sounds good to me. You have it planned out better then I could have thought. I think EC would shoot it down due to the fact that their model of education is different than most. But it is worth a shot.

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I hate the be the raincloud, but ...... your time would be better spent looking for a different program than looking for a loophole that probably won't work anyway. If you want to work in California, you should find a program that is accepted in California. Just my two cents.

When you can't get anyone at the CA BRN to answer the phone, much less a question, you certainly can't count on that "case by case" exception to work in getting a CA license. I suspect that is why no one ever posts on AN that they did it this way.

Lunah your opinion is always appreciated as you know a lot. But for those of us who have already exhausted our searches for CA schools. They are so impacted it's not even funny. I've searched all the schools in CA and some of them don't fit my needs but they may fit others. The ones that do fit my needs I've already applied to but have been denied. I'm applying again for the fall for those schools. But in the meantime I'm conducting other searches to see what I can find. At least I can say that I've exhausted all of my searches.

Thanks again for your opinion, and never consider yourself a raincloud because your opinion I will always respect.

I also think it is nice that several people have come up with viable alternatives for Excelsior students to achieve clinical credit, but throughout the years Excelsior has been no more willing to change their concept, than the states who have decided to change their willingness to go along with Excelsior. The people who are hurt by the recalcitrance on both sides of the issue are, of course, the students who would stand to benefit from an Excelsior College nursing degree.

The CABRN and Excelsior are arguing over something that is easily fixed. Just add a clinical component to satisfy CA requirements. They don't need to fix their whole program, just for the individual states who want that clinical component incorporated into the curriculum. But that's just me.

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