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I recently started working on a general acute unit with a ratio of 1 med nurse to 13 patients. We have some partial to total care end stage alzheimers and TBI, mild to moderate MR, your standard mood and psychotic d/o's with a good share of med-surg issues all around. It's draining and I work 5 8's which I hate. Getting two days off in a row is a monthly event. I need time to decompress. My only option to getting off the 5 8's looks like transferring units.

How does working a dual diagnosis unit compare?


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Working dual is a whole different ball game....the pts. are extremely "needy"; med seeking, etc. Good assessment skills a must because so many that are detoxing are truly having med. problems but there are also many just "complaining". They think that detoxing will be a lot easier on them than it actually is. They don't understaND


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sorry, hit the wrong key before finished.......

Dual pts. don't understand that they will experience some withdrawal symptoms....that is the major difference on dual than the pts. on Adult mental health.....on the plus have no violent/psychotic pts. on dual but it is draining as well....but I work 12 hr. shifts


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Ditto to aloevera.

Dual diagnosis clients can be extemely manipulative---THE MASTERS OF MANIPULATION.

But then again, it takes a sharp and perceptive nurse to balance the neediness and the genuine medical problems that befall our clients.

I wish you the best in your search.

An exhausted and burnt-out nurse can't function and won't enjoy the rewarding feeling of nurturing the clients---NO WAY.:banghead:

:typingInclude the outpatient treatment programs in your search---Many don't have the hectic pace of inpatient facilities.


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