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Hello everyone,

I live in Colorado and will graduate with my BSN in May. Nothing's ever for sure, but Colorado isn't in dire need of nurses right now. I can only imagine things will get worse before they get better. All said, now's not the best time to be graduating. The good thing is, I can and will relocate wherever I must to find work. I am originally from AL with family in TN. If I move back home to the South, I would like to try life in a different state-not the ones I'm already pretty familiar with, if at all possible.

Do any of you know which hospitals in KY actually have new grad programs? Also, what is the demand for nurses there?

Any information will be much appreciated!


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I moved to Ky from CO almost 3 years ago to Bowling Green, KY where there is no shortage of nurses. There are 5 different nursing programs in the area. Alot of nurses travel to Nashville TN or to Lexington or Louisville for work. I decided to work as a travel nurse and I'm currently working in SC. I would look at Louisville or Lexington, larger hospitals and more options. Hope this helps. I would rather be back in CO.

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