Thinking about quitting nursing school. Need advice.

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Hello everyone,

I am currently in my foundations class and I need some advice. I just started nursing school this Sept and I have decided that I do not like the program I am in at all. I love the theory portion of my class and have aced my test. I really have a love for nursing but, I am not enjoying my clinical instruction at all. I don't feel like I am being taught in the best manner. Instruction is either reading a written checklist or having free rein in lab. Different instructors run our clinical. If you ask questions, they will help you but, depending on who I get for a graded checkoff, they tell me methods of doing certain things is wrong and I fail even though someone else said it was right. There is no consistency at all! During a presentation, one of my instructors told me I was stupid and should not be a nurse and get an education as I didn't know how to do a complex procedure that they just showed us 5 minutes prior for the via overhead announcements.Also I have been criticized for being to gentle with my partner when we practice doing things. Since when is being gentle and calm a negative thing? I don't want to quit so early but, I feel I could do better in another program. Should I tough it out or cut my losses and apply to another program where I can get my BSN instead of my ADN in the same length of time? Any thoughts would be helpful. I have wanted to be a nurse for so long and don't know what to do.

I would not quit this program until you have an acceptance letter and start date in your hot little hands. And there is something to be said for toughing this one out and keeping other possibilities in the background as Plan B or C. You might want to consider taking this situation up with the chain of command. Or, if you don't want to make waves, try to get together with at least one classmate to see if the two of you can devise a way to survive. Good luck.

Pick the clinical instructor that impresses you the most and latch onto her like your life depended on it. Try not to go into details because you don't want her to detach you and pawn you off on the instructor(s) that don't do a good job.

I have a great support system of friends in the class. When the entire class heard the instructor continuously berate me through the hour long activity, some of my classmates got emotional on my behalf. I do not have the option to choose my clinical instructors at all. I knew some nurses eat their young but, had no clue it started this early. My only fear is that we get evaluated for our clinical performance and if the instructor who yelled at me chooses me she can say I am unsatisfactory and I fall the entire course no matter what grade I get otherwise.

I started in August and know exactly what you are talking about. Although I have not been berrated personally, the instructors all taught differently and you just hope you got lucky to do the skill right in front of the right instructor. Our first class was horrible in terms of instruction and communication.

BUT, I highly recommend you stick it out. A few of us in class try and get together regularly and we vent like there is no tomorrow. If you know nursing is where you want to be, I suggest you stick it out, and make the most of your actual clinicals (in the hospital). It sucks, I know, but I know for myself that there is nothing else in this world that I want to do, so I will do what it takes to get there. Hang in there.

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I agree that you need to go up the chain of command with an added step. I would ask the person above the clinical instructor to request a meeting with the both of you and to act as a mediator in the conversation. This instructor may have personal issues that may be know to their superior and bringing this to their attention in front of their boss may help you fix the image she has of you.

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I don't know. Even if the program was horrible, I would still tough it out. It is a meaning to an end.

Where I am NS school is so hard to get into I would not quit even if the program was horrible.

Unless u could transfer, I wouldn't quit.

Tough it out, anywhere you go there are going to be things you dislike about the program. Almost all programs are inconsistent because nursing is evidence based and our information changes EVERY single day! Don't give up now, most people would kill to be in a nursing program instead of on a waiting list somewhere!!!!

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