Thinking about nursing school but I'm scared!!!! Need advice...


Hi!! I'm 28 years old and thinking about taking my pre-reqs for nursing school. It's been 8 years since I graduated with my Associates of Arts. I couldn't decide on a major so I took a break, but never figured out what I wanted to study. Recently, I have discovered that I have a lot of interest in healthcare, which I never considered before. Because it has been so long since I've been a student I'm worried that I won't have the academic stamina that nursing school requires. I've been reading postings on this site for a month now, trying to gather information on just how difficult it is. Guess I'm looking for a pep talk... Can anyone help out with some advice? I'm also looking into sonography or medical imaging....


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Nursing is a great field to get into. You wont have to worry as much about not having job security. As far as nursing school, there is a tremendous amount of studying to do. I have 2 kids and am almost done (in my last semester) so its even a bit tougher when you have a family but it can be done. It is possible as long as you put it in your head that you wont have much of a life but just mostly studying, and between semesters you can relax, but during semester you just hit the books like your life depends on it. So good luck and whatever it is you decide if you have a strong will to do it, it can be done!

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I'm 28 too, and just started the nursing program a few months ago- yes, its hard and stressful and challenging and anxiety-provoking....but it's also interesting and challenging and the best decision I've made so far. Once I got past the shock of the first semester, things got easier, less stressful, more comfortable (not quite as anxiety-provoking.) Not saying it still isn't hard, but its doable- don't let anyone scare you off. Hope that was a good enough pep talk-- you can do it :) Good LUCK! :)


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I am thirty-six and this is my first time at college. I just finished prerequesites in Fall 2008 and have applied to the ADN RN program. I was afraid after being out of school for so long, but I have all A's. Even though Nursing School will be tougher than the prerequ's I am ready for the challenge. Remember that if this is what you want to do, you should give it all you've got. It is scarey, but what is worse is never realizing your dream. You can do it!! Good Luck!:up:

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I was 29 when I started nursing school and too had been out of school for a while when I started back. I also have two children ages 7 & 4 and I would say that has been the hardest part! I was a stay-at-home before I started nursing school. As someone posted earlier, the first semester is the hardest! Of course, I am sure that the change from stay-at-home mom to student made the transition a little more difficult. I am now 1 semester (YEAH!!!) away from graduation and the time has gone by so quickly!

If you are willing to put in some hard work, I think nursing is a VERY rewarding profession! There are so many diffrent areas you can be a part of, so if you get tired of one you can change; you can't say that for every profession!!

It is NOT an easy road but well worth the journey! Good Luck! :yeah:


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40 when I decided to chase the RN degree, 42 when I completed the prerequisites, and am 43 now and in second semester of an RN program.

Is it hard? Yes.

Can I do it? Yes.

Is it stressful? Oh hel yes.

Do I have a life away from books? about 18 months I will, but right now, it's all little print in heavy books.

Was this the best decision I've made in a long time? YES!!!

It can be done...and if you want it, you might as well chase it...'cause, as a friend of mine put it, you are not going to get younger...but if you have the discipline to get through the studying, you'll manage just fine.

Good luck, and give it a shot and see what goes on.


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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you can do "it", whatever "it" may be. It sounds like you are kicking around a few different ideas. My advice would be to contact your local hospital and find out about the possibility of shadowing a nurse, sonographer, and/or medical imaging tech. In my neck of the woods the pre-reqs for all three are pretty similar and vary by only a couple of classes however, the job duties are significantly different. This should help you start identifying what you like and dislike about various health care jobs. I would especially suggest you do this if you have no previous health care experience.

I am in my first year of a two year RN program (ADN). I come from a family of nurses. I have no children, I don't work, and I am 25. Personally, I find nursing school to be incredibly challenging, time consuming and stressful. I spend all of my time studying or making care plans or writing papers. I have no life, I rarely see my family, I don't really have time to do anything fun and I have no idea how people can work and/or have kids an be successful in nursing school. That being said, almost everyone in my program works or has kids or both! They are all doing great and most of them are older than me! I think success in nursing school really boils down to two fundamental things, how badly you want "it" and how much you are willing to give up to get "it". I have had several instructors tell my class at different times that the key to succeeding in nursing school is to never quit even when your exhausted and it feels like you can't go one another minute (believe me there are times when you feel just that). I really believe that this is true. When I look back at my first quarter I have no idea how I survived. It was intense, insanely stressful, exhausting, and at times down right depressing. However, it does get better and so long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other you will keep moving forward toward your goal.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. I am so glad that I decided to go into nursing and although it is incredibly challenging it is a wonderful journey and one that I am very blessed to be on. And when all else fails and the going gets really tough just remember that age old saying.....nothing worth having ever comes easy. :redpinkhe


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Hi, I am a 28 year old male. I am in my second semester of an ADN program. I work a full time job. My job is extremely flexible. I have no degree but a lot of credits from several schools. I think when I was younger I did not have the motivation I do now. I received all A's my first semester of nursing school. My first test this semester I received a B and was upset. I study a lot and stay on top of my reading as well as actively engage in the lectures. You can do it! its a lot of work. Good luck!


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If you are seriously thinking about nursing, I would at least complete the pre-requistes. I found that some of the pre-requesite classes were fairly tough. Nursing school is challenging and takes commitment, but anything is possible if you put the effort into it. I graduated with a Master's degrees in another field 20 years ago and decided to change my career course. It's been hard but well worth it. Just start the process and take one step at a time and before you know it you'll be that much closer to your goal.


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I totally understand you fear!! I am feeling very discouraged as well. I have been out of college for over 10 years and I have to start all over. I am worried about what happens after the pre-requisites because the nursing classes are only in the day and I have to work. So I am going for Phlebotomy certification so I can maybe work at night and take the classes needed in the day.


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It's great to read your stories. I am in a similar position. I am 25, have 2 AS and a MBA, currently unemployed and from one day to the other two weeks ago it hit me and I feel that I want to become a nurse. My mom was one, both of my grandmas and a bunch more people in my family. I always thought that it is just not the job for me and that it doesn't bring in enough money (I am originally from Germany where my nurse friend currently makes $10/hr which is normal :( ) and so I went the business direction which I feel know was the wrong decision. I am just not happy sitting the whole day behind a computer.

Now I am planing to call the hospital of my choice tomorrow to ask about shadowing a nurse and also my husband's college to set up an appointment with an advisor. I am still trying to understand all the different ways of becoming a nurse...I think the BSN way is the way to go for me. I noticed that I have a bunch of Biology and Health credits and hope that I can maybe go through in 2 years...will see what the advisor tells me.

I am scared that the courses may be too much for me, but at the same time I have for the first time in my life the feeling that I know what I wanna do as a job and I made it through almost two years in an accelerated MBA program while working Full-Time...with lots of break downs and yelling at my husband that I am going to quite, but in the end I achieved my goal of a diploma and also got a GPA of 4.0....I can do it *hopefully*

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I am 50!! and have been out of school since 1981. Once I started it was yesterday that I was in school, all the same feelings, all the same cliques even! The hardest part is not school for me, it's work and family obligations and feeling like I never see my husband anymore. But, 2 months down and 10 more to go. Good luck and DO NOT let your age be in your way, it has NOTHING to do with anything!

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