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Hello everyone. After just 3 years in the hospital setting, I am seriously thinking of getting out! I love my acute care role in theory, but the reality of the job is depressing me. I feel angry much of the time because of the same repeating problems of floor nursing (short staffed, high turnover of staff, QAs coming out your ears, having to be a waitress/custodian/secretary in addition to my own job). When we aren't short staffed, the acuities are so high it doesn't matter. I am running around doing so much "damage control," I don't feel I have time to actually be a decent nurse & teach these patients how to manage their health. It's getting to be more "bad days" than good. :-(

I might hang in there for another year (and see what happens w/ our state's pending staffing legislation), but am curious about other RNs who have moved on & out of acute care. Is the grass any greener? I am thinking about Public Health nursing (I have a PHN cert., but no actual experience) or even a return to school (maybe teaching?) I love critical thinking, I love the clinical aspect, but esp. love teaching. I'd love to hear from others. Thanks in advance for your comments.


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im new at it but i love it. and i love med surg nursing too. but its all the other bs i hate...just like you.

i heard something the other day that cracked me up.i was telling one of the assistants about the problems ive been having and she told me i should go to a LTC facility. RN's there dont do ANYTHING...


this is the same line of thought all the assitants have.

they are completely clueless as to what we do.


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First of all, you will find the same set of problems anywhere you go. It is a challenge being short staffed,overworked,usually underpaid,and defintely you become very adept at being a Master of all Trades..doing everyone else's job it seems. The stress level may change for you however and it seems to me that is the real problem for you. If you have been there 3 years and are unhappy, I say Move On! there is no law that condemns you if you do. That is one of the best aspects of our field..go to a different specialty..with 3 years have you thought about critical care??? less patients..more resposibility..but you can feel like you make a can also feel that way on a busy med surg floor all depends on your stress level. Don't trudge onward...let go and explore the world of nursing...there are so many options for you....good luck!!!


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Kona2...I believe that there are a real shortage of teachers for nursing schools...if you still love the theory of nursing and love teaching, you should look into how to teach in one of the nursing schools. I've heard that many nursing schools have had to lower the number of students they can enroll in the medical field. I know for myself getting ready to enter a nursing program next year after finishing my prereqs, I would love to have an instructor who loved to teach. Sometimes I find myself doubting whether I should pursue nursing with all the problems, but there are so, so many options once you have the degree.

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