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I am thinking of changing the State in which I have my Nurses' Association. One main reason is that another state, that I work in, is much more involved, has stuff going on etc...

I also, primarily, work more in the other state (I "commute")...

I do not want to be disloyal but quite frankly am not involved enough for people to notice I am gone.

I do want to continue my ANA membership; I jsut want to feel like I am active in something.

I know... I know... make it happen on this end.. I have tried that... offered volountering etc... with little feedback because the meetings etc.. are SO sporadic....

I want to participate but there just is not enough going on to get involved in.

Do I have to "live in the state" I am registered in? My renewal is coming up in a few months.


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I also work in another state than the one I live in. I think as long as you hold a license in that state, that you can join their group.

Jenny P

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You CAN belong to a different state nurses association than the one you live in. Check with the state association you are interested in joining and they will advise you how to do it.

nightingale, RN

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Thanks Jenny and Karo. I will contact them shortly.


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Do what you gotta do to meet your needs. But if you switch, tell the first one why. It may spur them on.

Jenny, can you join 2 for a discounted rate?

nightingale, RN

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Thanks jt.. I agree.. it may spur them on.

I do not want to offend.... truly they are trying and are very fair in their attempts to create change. It is simply not very proactive by the other states standards. I get regular email from both states because of the licensure in both states. (Ofcoarse the great state of New York has them both beat in providing information to it's members)

Thanks again jt.


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The important thing is to be involved --- wherever you are.

nightingale, RN

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I agree.... and will do so...

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