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Thinking about applying for Oncology position??


Hello Fellow Nurses,

An Oncology postion just opened at my hospital and I'm thinking I want to apply. I have had some personal life experiences with this disease, and I've always had a passion for this area. I have floated over there once in my 2 1/5 years of nursing, and I really enjoyed it!! The environment was completely different from what I'm used to.

I have tons of compassion and feel I would do great, but I am worried about change. Again, I have only been a nurse for a short time, and it's always scary to me when making a move.

On another note, this area NEVER has any openings. THis is the first since I worked in the hospital...it's very hard to get in to because the nurses NEVER leave. It is a very close knit unit and everybody works well together..So, any advice, thoughts, input, experiences, etc....would be greatly appreciated!!!

I would like to "apply" this weekend, so please give me some valuable feedback.

Thanks a bunch!!


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Go for it. There is never any harm in applying. If you get an interview, go in with the attitude that you are interviewing them to see if you think it is a good fit.

If this really is a unit that never has any openings, the chances are they will have more applications than they can count and your chances of getting an interview may not be all that great. However, if you've floated there and they know you, your chances might be better. Talk to the people you know on the unit. Mention you're interested, talk to the nurse manager.

But you'll never get an interview if you don't apply, so definately do that.


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If you join ONS, there are some good oncology CE courses online. You could do a few of them today to be able to pad your resume with some oncology specific classes.


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I work on a medical-oncology unit. This has been my first job after nursing school and I've been there almost a year. I love oncology nursing - the patients, the staff (many of them with connections to the disease - though who doesn't at this point, unfortunately), new technologies/drug treatments. If you love the psychosocial aspects to nursing, it's a great fit.

Plus, your trauma experience would serve you well - at least on our floor, there are some really sick people who we frequently transfer to the ICU. I say go for it. :)


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Go for it!!!

Thanks for some of the feedback!! I took everyone's advice and applied..they also posted a per diem job, so I applied for that too!! We'll see what happens next week when HR returns on Monday.


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The only other thing I was going to say is "Hurry, before someone else gets the spot." Sounds like you are on top of this.


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Good luck OP..sounds like a great unit!

good luck! may your dreams come true!