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So i went to my 3rd interview at this place last month with the DON. Her 2 assistants interviewed me the wk prior. First thing, she asks if i have my lisence from the state. Well, i don't (yet). Says she can't offer it until i get it. But, they will hold the job cause they aren't interviewing anymore.

I finally got the date for my testing. Oct 21. They do orient the 3rd monday of every month, so that puts me 3 days too late to start in Oct.

I called her sect yesterday just to keep them informed. She tells me that they can't hold the job. umm, ok.

Today, like normal i check the job listings on craiglist. Guess what? Job listed from them today.

So just keep thinking they are going to offer it after i get my lisence? I'm still keeping my options open too, i've been applying to other places still.

I don't know what state you are in but in NY it takes a week after you test to get your results. I would either wait it out until I am certified and then reapply or call the DON (or email if you have her email address) personally and maybe offer to "volunteer" until you can show you passed and get on the payroll. Good luck.

I think they thought you were much closer to getting your license when they talked to you in the first place. They had to wait the three or four weeks even if you already had your license, so it didn't matter to them if you got it this week or next week. It does matter if they have to wait at least seven or eight weeks until the earliest you can start.

Ytellu, I looked into volunteering, it isn't allowed because the state requires certification before people get access to the resident or patients for the types of care listed (basically, most things a cna does). The days of getting the certificate within a give time frame are gone. Of course, other states may be different.

Agreed on the volunteering info Saysfaa. I was just thinking to get in the door as a volunteer doing volunteer type work (not cna work) so the employer can see she is worth considering for the next CNA position available. I know a few people who did that for facilities they really wanted to get into.

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In Indiana, they tell you right away if you pass or fail.

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apply to other places at the same time. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


Passed the sate test yesterday. Called the company today. They offered it and i meet with them next wk to finish paperwork. The next orient they do isn't till Nov.

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Congrats. Best of luck.

ty. So excited!

This is the perfect place. It's in town. One of the best rehab's in the state.

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