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Think I'm on the road to burnnout already... VENT... sorry so long


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Specializes in PCU/Telemetry.


Specializes in critical care. Has 11 years experience.

GET OUT NOW! I worked on a tele unit 5-6 patients no monitor techs etc. IT WAS HELL. I did 3 years there, and left because I was burned out, and felt that every time I was there I was jeopardizing my license. I love what I do now, not that you cant get crazy busy, but it isn't like that day after day. Good luck, you sound like an efficient, good nurse. Don't give up your career, just that job.:yeah:

I wanted to write an update on this. I did not go back back in 2008. I was accepted but I was asked by hubby to wait a bit. Then in Nov of 2008 I found out I was pregnant! I was so excited. I had my precious little boy in July of 2009 and I could not even go back now til he is older. I still have the fever for nursing and I study still to not lose any knowledge but I will wait to go back so I do not get burnt out again and take it out on my family My baby needs me and my other kiddos too. :D

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