Things they won't tell you that you need but should get?!


I was just accepted into Ivy Tech's ASN program in Indiana to start January (: I had orientation today and WOW! Lots of information. I remember I came across a posting where someone gave a heads up to the incoming students about things she suggested they purchase for nursing school. Can you guys think of any of these things?

Besides the necessities (stethoscope,shoes,pen light, scissors, watch?)

I'm so excited and I want to be fully prepared. I want to shock my instructors with just how prepared I am (:

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I doubt the instructors will know or care. Bring backup pens. Be prepared and ask questions. Act like you are interested and be polite. That will take you a long way


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Blood pressure cuff, clipboard, recorder(if you like listening again) , index cards (flashcards are very helpful) , Stickie notes (very handy), calculator, stapler, hole punch! Highlighters and good pens. Good luck!


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I haven't got accepted yet into the fall 2014 start, but I too am curious about supplies that I should get. I see that there weren't any helpful posts for you, but thought maybe you could give me some helpful advice! I applied with all A's and an 87.3 on my TeasV giving me a total 177.3 score. Any advice would be helpful! Thank you and congratulations you must be excited to be so far into the program and able to see an end in site!


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I don't think having the right note taking supplies will shock and surprise your teachers lol. If you want to prepare yourself stay on top of your assignments/readings from the get go! Uhh I know I go through note cards like crazy. I would say just get standard school supplies?

For books, the Memory Book of Nursing has really goofy ways to help remember lab tests/diseases/drugs, etc. And I really like the Saunders RN NCLEX Prep book for practice questions on all of my tests. But I'm sure you've got a list of 50 books you need already haha so nothing you can't find on pinterest/some sort of google search.

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My plastic clipboard that I can keep my paperwork in has been my best friend at clinicals. I can clean it with disinfecting wipes at the end of my shift, it has a built-in calculator and even my stethoscope fits inside. I highly recommend getting one!

My other favorite item is my roller bag. I have way too many heavy text books and notebooks to lug around in a backpack. I LOVE my rollerbag!

Finally, my planner is my "bible". I have one that had both monthly & weekly entries. It's the best way to stay organized. I color code all my assignments so I can see at a glance what I need to do.


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I strongly recommend starting a nursing equipment kit. My program just required a stethoscope and that was it, but we would get to clinicals and I couldn't find any medical equipment. After one too many clinicals spending 30 minutes trying to find a thermometer, I decided to start my nursing bag. I found a simple bag on amazon and started adding equipment to it. Now all my classmates try to hunt down my bag for equipment! :o/

My bag contains: Stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, temporal artery thermometer (easiest way to get temp), quick-release gait belt, hemostat, medical scissors, pens and sharpies, menthol/vic's vapor rub (to rub under your nose when you have c.diff patients!), penlight, pulse oximeter, drug book, and a RNotes flip book.

Also, GET A STORAGE CLIPBOARD! I have one and it is amazing. I use it to hold papers and to store sensitive information in the storage compartment. I placed a label on it that says, "This folder contains confidential information. If found, please return to the nursing station. Property of XXX."