There is no nursing shortage!

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You know,I still wonder why they are bringing more foreign born nurses over also.

But the way I see it,in the south I saw no filipino nurses.

The biggest poroblem is that others with lesser education are being asked to funtion as de facto nurses.

A can level 2 can insert ivs,foleys ,draw blood, all for 12.00 an hour.

Why would a hospital hire nurses for 27.00 an hour when you can get one for 12.00/hr.

Want a nursing shortage again? Get rid of some ancillary staff.

No, keep the CNAs, but have them do CNA work, not nursing skills. Why are licensed nurses having to clean beds, make sandwiches etc., and CNAs doing skilled tasks? It's time for nursing to own their scope of practice and for unlicensed personnel to "get back to where they once belonged." Want to do a nurse's job? Then go to nursing school; don't try to do it the easy way.


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There is a shortage of experienced nurses...thats the problem..there are a bunch of new grads an no one to train them

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