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There is hope as long as you are living

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Don't stop trying. I have been reading the post on this website for a while now. I promised to post whenever I get my license

Education: I got admitted into an Associate Degree program. I was driving over 1 hour to school and back home. I achieved about 75.5% overall in my exams so I was dropped. The school required 76% overall. I cried for days. I started LVN program in the same school because they allow ADN students that do not succeed in their program to start with the next LVN students if they are willing. I met a student in that LVN program so we were carpooling to school every time. In this school, they usually review the questions that students get wrong after each exam. In my second semester in the LVN program after a med-surg exam before an exam review, this student took my phone from my table and he brought it back to me during break. He wanted me to be searching for the phone. He did silly things sometimes just to make it funny and make me laugh. I didn't pay attention to my phone so I wasn't looking for it. When he brought it back, I ask him why he took it. He told me he just wanted to see me search for it and make me laugh whenever he brings it back. What a silly game. I wasn't surprised though cos I was used to him behaving that way sometimes. I just smiled and put my phone in my bag. The Following week, the instructor of the med-surg class came and called me from the lab during a lecture over a new skill. We both went to the dean's office. And on entering, I saw my friend coming out. They closed the door with 3 of us in the room. The instructor, myself, and the dean. They asked if I knew why they called me. I didn't know why they called me. They told me another student wrote a letter to the instructor last week about my phone saying he/she saw my friend when he took my phone and he recorded the exam review on it and he gave me back while I put it in my bag. I was shocked. I told them though he took my phone but he didn't record anything on it because I didn't see any new record on phone. I opened my phone right there for them to see. I told them the truth but I could see it in the instructor's eyes that she didn't believe me. She said that student couldn't have lied because she had nothing to gain. I asked if there was any camera in that class so they could see what really happened. They said there was no camera but from now on they wouldn't allow any student to bring any personal belongings during exam review anymore. I told them I'm okay with the rule because I don't see it affecting me in any way. The instructor asked why I said that because it is gonna affect other students as well. I felt bad because I didn't do anything wrong and they didn't seem to believe me. I told them why would I record an exam review that I already passed because I passed that exam. The review would be useless to me. I felt so alone after the incident and I always feel somehow whenever the instructor is in class. I couldn't even talked in class sometimes but i kept attending lectures and kept going on even though it was hard for me. My friend didn't make that semester, I think he failed the final exam or I am not really sure what happened to him but we stopped talking after the incident. In my second semester, the dean left and so that same med surg instructor became the dean. After clinical one day, she came to our site and told me that I have been dropped from the program because I have body odor. I left the site quietly and went home. I cried and cried and almost killed myself. I felt so empty and hopeless. I was dropped the second time but this time I didn't fail. I thought it was because the instructor hated me and she probably thought I would never be a good nurse. That incident affected me mentally, physically and in every way. It affected my financial aid because they don't like it when you withdraw from all your classes all at once. I applied to different schools and they always ask me to go and get a letter from my old school to know why I left. I wrote my old school about giving me a letter but I couldn't get it. I don't even remember why I didn't get that letter. And i wasn't sure I would get a good letter if at all they had given me. I gave up. I felt like a failure at home and everywhere. My family thought it was my fault that I got dropped from nursing school twice. I stopped attending church. I feared that everyone would be asking me about school cos they knew I was in school. Then I found myself doing the things I normally don't do. So I got in trouble. I was arrested. I got a lawyer and because it was my first time getting in trouble, I was offered a first timer offender program, I did pretrial diversion and they dismissed the case. I got admitted into another school. It was a private school this time and maybe they just didn't care if I used to be in another nursing school before. They didn't ask for any letter. It was very expensive but was worth it. They cared for their students, the instructors were very helpful to the student, and they want their students to succeed (Chamberlain University Houston BSN). I started it and I was one of the best students in this school. Because I was used to answering nursing questions, I succeeded in my exams. I got awards and graduated with honors. While in this school, I also got into another trouble with the law and I was arrested again. I wasn't able to write Nclex upon graduation. Then, I came back to my senses. I prayed to God to forgive me and help me. I turned and changed my ways and I was good from then on. I changed my ways. The case got rescheduled many times. The prosecutor was not willing to offer me a good deal. I cried many times. I never stopped praying. I sold my only car and got a lawyer. The lawyer advised me to plead guilt to a lesser crime which is class C misdemeanor disorderly conduct. It was class B before. He said i would pay a fine and do a community service. I was about accepting the offer when another lawyer replied me on Avoo that a conviction of misorderly conduct, even though it sounds good pleading to a lesser crime, would stay on my record forever and would affect me forever. I told my lawyer if they would allow me to enter into deferred adjudication as that one can be expunged with class C misdemeanor offense. He said the prosecutor was not willing to accept that offer and it's either I accept the plea or I go to trial which he knows I would loose. I was very scared and sad. I contacted the lawyer about how to prepare for the trial and he said we should meet somewhere. Then he sent another text and said he would meet me in the morning before court starts to prepare me. I met with another lawyer to get a second opinion. This new lawyer said it does not sound good that my lawyer would start to prepare me just on the day of the court. He listened to the story of what happened and told me he could handle it. I borrowed money from different people and my fiancee supported me and I hired this lawyer. Yes, I met someone recently and he proposed to me. I told him my story and he didn't judge me. He is so in love with me. The case was rescheduled and to cut the long story short. I was asked to complete 30hrs of community service where ever I want. God is good and faithful. He gave me another chance. I completed the service and that was how the case was dismissed. During this period, I had applied for expunction of the first case and it was granted. 

Texas Board of Nursing: I was able to apply to texas board of nursing after about one year after graduation. They require people with any arrest to send in court documents. I sent the documents with my application. They told me the review should take about 10 days. I called them after some days, they told me they have sent my file to enforcement department. I never stopped praying to God for help and I know that I have changed my ways and ready to be a nurse. I called them almost everyday. They approved me to take Nclex in about a month.

Exam: I started studying. My school contacted me to come to open lab in school and they are willing to pay for Uworld and Hurst review for me to review knowing that I graduated a long time ago. I am so grateful to them. This is a good school trust me. I studied for about 1 month. Though, I didn't remember so many things but I started watching Registered RN videos on youtube and after completing the videos on a system, I would go to Uworld and do the questions on that system disorders. I wrote my exam Sept 30 and this morning Oct 2nd, my license is posted. I am officially a registered nurse. I have started working on expunging the second arrest. I have my first job interview tomorrow. I will keep you posted. Victory at last and all praises to God. Please don't give up on your dreams, fast and pray to God, forsake your sins, work hard, study hard, fight for what you believe in and at the right time, it will happen. Your dreams will come true. Good luck and I wish you all the best

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