the Theory of Nomenclature

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Last night, while working with Jason Hiney RN, I informed him of the Theory of Nomenclature, by Roger Price, who believed individuals grow to fit their name as society interprets that name. A few examples were Carols, big boned wholesome women who made good wives, Nicks were good at card games but not to be trusted. and Hershels wore horn-rimmed glasses and made good study partners.

Jason and I looked up some general faces, gave them names and backgrounds. We found a picture of a big guy with mutton chops wearing a sleeveless flannel shirt and believed his name to be Dan.

Dan worked as a roofer and had to ride to jobs in the bed of the pickup truck because the cab was only a three-seater. Dan would stick his head out of the side of the bed, much like a dog, and smile because he loved to feel the wind on his face. The other guys made Dan to be the hodman and carry the shingles up the ladder because it was the worst job, but Dan didn't mind.

After work, the guys would get together in one of their backyards, since Dan lived in a cheap apartment, and drink beer as they sat around a wood fire in lawn chairs. When the guys had had enough beer, they would start throwing open cans of beer at Dan. Sometimes, they got together and punched on Dan with their fists, mainly in the chest. At these times, Dan would only say, "C'mon guys- stop!"

When Dan got up to go take a leak, the other guys would pee on his lawn chair while he was gone. When Dan returned and sat down he would say, "Oh guys- you did it again!"

And so on and so forth.

So, this being a nursing website, I looked up some pictures of nurses and played the Theory of Nomenclature game:


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Your turn: What's this nurse's name and what is her story?


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Hi, I'm Rhonda. I'm the life of every party. I usually squeak in to work in the nick of time. My managers hate me because I speak up during every meeting and sometimes I crack jokes. They think I don't take them seriously because I don't. I always seem to have time to chat and goof around. Everyone always seems surprised when they find my patients happy and cared for and everything done properly. But hey, I can do it all and make it look easy.

Davey Do

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Oh, TriciaJ! You're being so positive!

Are you okay?

I would have thought Rhonda tasted narcotics to make sure they were as labelled!

However, you know, there really are nurses out there like we both described.



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On 3/17/2020 at 1:17 AM, Davey Do said:


Hi, my name is Luna.

My coworkers see me as a great nurse and I am. My patients are always happy and my coworker Tricia is the only one who knows my secret why (and we are not telling).

My managers dont care what I do because, well, hey, the customers are happy.

After work I go home and relax with a nice glass of vino.

I like to think of myself as avant-garde.

On my days off, who knows, I just go where the day takes me.

I am fun all the time and dont forget my name is Luna.