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I am looking at several FNP programs in Alabama, but can’t find much on the University of North Alabama other than the website. Has anyone heard anything about the FNP program? It is very affordable ($12,900 tuition), not for profit, and CCNE accredited, so I am wondering why this school’s masters program is not discussed on here. Does it have a bad reputation? Thank you for any insight or information!

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On 8/27/2020 at 11:31 AM, studentnurse2018 said:

Did you get any information? I am planning to apply for Spring 2021.

Hi, did you ever apply? Considering them as well.


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I applied to their fall 2023 FNP program, has anyone enrolled?

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I just finished the post masters FNP in December of 2022. Overall the program is great I had no major issues besides finding preceptors.